Welcome to the Moppet Togs Cloud Based Inventory Management System.  From the comfort of your home, you will be able to enter your inventory, print price tags and monitor your sales. 

Consignors need to Click Here to login to their Consignor Home page to begin entering inventory items.  Click Here if you have not yet registered to become a Consignor.

Once you are signed into the inventory system, the following steps will help you enter your items quickly and easily.

Select and enter the correct category

Please select the correct category for each item.  This helps us to plan floor space and helps us to make sure that your item is placed in the correct area at drop off.  Keep in mind that once you select a category, it will stay that category for the next item.  If the next item is a different category, you will need to change it.  That is why we suggest that you enter like items at a time.  PLEASE correct this before you drop off your items.

Select and enter the correct size

Choose the correct size for shoes and clothing items. For other items you can choose Leave Blank or See Description. Your size choice helps us to put the item in the correct place.  Volunteers at drop of do not have the time to check and make sure that you have sized your items correctly.  If an item is 6 months, please choose the 6 month size.  Do not mark it as 0-6m, 3-6m, or 6-12m. If the tag reads 3-6m, enter it as 3-6m.

If you can avoid it, please include a number size for Children’s size S, M, L and XL. Either enter it as a number or note the numerical size in the description.  Our volunteers may not know where to put children’s clothes marked as a letter and different brands use different size charts.

Please convert your European sizes. The following chart will help:

European SizeUS Size
726 months
8012 months
9224 months – 2T

If you choose a different size than what is listed on your tag, please note that in the description field.  For example, you can say, “This item runs small.”  If you have removed the size tag or the item does not have a size tag, please use your best size guess by comparing it to other items of similar size.

Write a detailed description

You are limited to 25 letters per line, so make the most use of your space by using abbreviations.  For example, a new with tag, long sleeved, red, Gap tshirt can be described as NWT LS Gap tshirt.  Do not simply say shirt.  Descriptions help us to match up your tag to your item if they should become separated.  If your descriptions are not detailed, we will have trouble matching them up and selling your items.

If there is additional information that will help sell your item, by all means, note it!  If the item is special in some way, include that information in the description.

A detailed description can go a long way in helping to SELL your item!

Set your price

We suggest that for clothing items that you set your price for around 1/4 of retail.  You can go up or down depending on quality and condition.  If you got a great deal on it originally, pass that good deal on!  Name brands obviously go for more than a store brand.  A Gap dress will sell for a higher price than a George brand dress.  Our shoppers are smart and they know a good deal when they see it.  They also know when something is overpriced.  Always keep in mind that while you might value something because it has sentimental value attached to it, it is just an item to the shopper.  If something is sentimental and you find yourself wanting to put some price to that sentiment, you are probably better off keeping it.

We suggest that you price your equipment at 1/2 to 1/3 of retail depending on condition.

Your goal is to sell.  You don’t want to put all of this work in to getting things ready to sell, only to find that you have overpriced your items and sold nothing.  Our returning consignors have a general idea on how to price their items.  First time consignors have a tougher time.  We strongly advise that you choose the 1/2 price option for the last day of the sale.  If you have overpriced your items, they still have a chance of selling on that last day.

We have an abundance of 0-12m clothing, so if you are selling items in those sizes, go as low as you can as you have a lot of competition.

We have a $2.50 minimum price.  If your item isn’t valued at $2.50,  please pair it with another clothing item.  For example, a Carters onesie will probably not sell for $2.50 by itself, but 2,3 or more will sell for that price.  Keep in mind that outfits and sets sell better.

Following is a table with some general pricing guidelines:

ItemSuggested Pricing
Kid’s Clothes 
Carters/Target/Walmart$2.50 – $4.00
Children’s Place/Department Stores$3.00 – $6.00
Gymboree/Gap/Better Brands$4.00 – $10.00
Boutique25%-35% of price paid
New clothing over 12 months30%-50% of price paid
Maternity clothing$2.50 – $8.00
Baby Equipment 
Strollers —> 
Mass market brands$20.00 – $40.0 (larger strollers, not umbrella strollers)
Specialty Store$40.00 – $60.00
High End$60.00 – $100.00
Doubleadd $25.00 to above
Joggingadd $20.00 to above
Other Equipment —> 
Bouncers$10.00 – $20.00
Exersaucers$20.00 – $50.00
Swings$15.00 – $55.00
High Chairs$25.00 – $65.00
Boppies$5.00 – $10.00
Shoes$2.50 – $8.00

Additional pricing suggestions for none clothes items can be found by clicking here:

Pricing Schedule for Non Clothes Items

Please note that you need the Adobe Reader to be able to download and read the Pricing Recommendation files.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader, please Click Here and you will be directed to the Adobe site and given instructions to download the latest FREE version of the reader.

Indicate whether or not you want unsold items to go 1/2 off on the last day of the sale

As stated above, we strongly suggest to our consignors that they go ahead and go 1/2 off on the last day of the sale.  While it is in your house, it might be sentimental, but once you get the items out and see how much free space you have, suddenly that sentiment goes away.  There is nothing more disappointing to our consignors than having to pick up a large number of unsold items.

That said, the choice is entirely yours.  You can discount some, all, or none of your items.

Indicate whether or not you want to donate your unsold items

Our donated items go to City Lights. They bring a truck to pick up any donated items after the sale. If you choose to donate your unsold items, you will be give a donation slip at drop off.  Again, you can donate all, some, or none of your unsold items.  That is totally up to you.  Please note that once you click the donate button, it will stay checked until you change it.  Donate items will have a black dot on the left side of the price tag.  When you are tagging your items, please be aware of this.  If you have made an error, go in and change it and print a new tag.

If you are donating your unsold items, we ask that you be willing to sell them at 1/2 off on the last day.  Wouldn’t you rather have the money in your pocket now rather than later?

Do NOT mark your items as donate if you intend to pick them up after the sale.  Items marked as DONATE will be donated.

After you enter each item, you will need to hit the Submit button

The item will show on your running inventory list.  You do not have to enter everything in one sitting.  You can go back at any time up until the system is closed to add or change items.  You can also print your tags after you have entered everything or at the end of each time you enter.  If you go back to make changes to an item that you have already printed a tag for, be sure to print a new tag and remove the old one.  If you go back and delete an item, the number will be missing, but it does not change your item count.