Impact on Community

Whether you are a Consignor or a shopper, our goal has always been to have a positive impact on the families in the Treasure Valley.

We thought it would be fun to hear directly from our moms about how they and their families have benefited from Moppet Togs and how it has impacted their lives.

Impact on Consignors

We are so grateful to the hundreds of consignors that have partnered with us over the past 15 years and made Moppet Togs possible. We couldn’t do it without you.

To those special few who have been so patient and remarkable friends through all of the ups and downs of the sale, you can’t image how much you to mean to us.

“I went to Hawaii with my best friend! Left my husband and kids home and went for a week momcation.

I used all of my Moppet Togs earnings to fund my trip. I also love how it forces me every 6 months to purge and clean house, deep clean, not just stuff things away.

In the fall, I used my earnings to get a rescue puppy and dog accessories”


Impact on Shoppers

Moppet Togs has been doing this twice per year for over ten years.  When we started our kids were babies and now they are in high school.  There have been some major challenges along the way that have caused lots of stress and tears and made us question why we are going this. However, we keep moving forward because we believe that we provide the opportunity for Treasure Valley families to cloth their children with quality name brand clothes at affordable prices.  It is very rewarding to see families come through the checkout line with enough quality clothes for the entire season for 4 or 5 kids knowing that they couldn’t afford even half these clothes at other stores.

The gratitude from the parents and the smiles on the kids faces keeps us going and makes it all worth while.

“I have been shopping at Moppet Togs for 10 years. They have always had the best selection of used boutique clothes  in the valley for my daughters at really great prices.  And my son has been able to where Nike, Adidas and Columbia since he was old enough to care.

My husband says we have saved at least $10,000 over the years shopping at Moppet Togs”


“I have seven grand children and Moppet Togs has enabled my husband and I to afford to buy everyone of the kids nice school clothes, summer outfits and toys for Christmas and birthdays for the past 5 years at at least 75% off retail prices.  It’s our way of helping our family without breaking the bank.  

Even my husband asked when the next Moppet Togs is!”



By participating in Moppet Togs, you are helping to sustain the environment by recycling clothes, toys, furniture and other items that would normally end up in landfills and require the unnecessary use of our limited natural resources to manufacture new ones.