Properly organizing your items for the sale will make it easier for you and for Moppet Togs Team Members at check-in.  It helps if you have gathered all of your items into one area and grouped them by categories.  It is easiest to enter like items in the online inventory system at the same time as you have to make fewer changes to the inventory fields. You will also need to have supplies handy like clear plastic bags, tape, zip ties, card stock, etc.

Information on item limits, what we accept in general, what we accept seasonally and how to prepare those items is as follows:

What We Accept and Don't Accept

Specific Inventory Preparation


By participating in Moppet Togs, you are helping to sustain the environment by recycling clothes, toys, furniture and other items that would normally end up in landfills and require the unnecessary use of our limited natural resources to manufacture new ones.